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The Raven Now Roosts in Ullapool

Cross the Highlands from Inverness to the sheltered shores of Loch Broom and the village of Ullapool. It is a hauntingly beautiful location; stunning in the long days of summer sun, moody and magnificent in the darkness of winter - a perfect roosting place for The Green Man & the Raven's Quest, with corvids aplenty. Make sure you visit the wonderful Ullapool Bookshop where, among many gems, you will find your copy of The Green Man & the Raven's Quest. Not your average holiday read! The Night Ship, Ailsa Craig, and Beast's Lair, all set in Scotland, are the perfect poems to read after a trip to the Summer Isles, or while watching out for sea otters, selkies and the ferry as it shears through the water towards the Isle of Lewis.

The Green Man & the Raven's Quest - "... if you want to get rid of the psychic detritus of modern life, this is dental floss for the mind and soul." - Irvine Welsh

Historic Ullapool: In 1773, after the Highland Clearings, displaced crofters and their families arrived on to the shores of Loch Broom to board The Hector. From there, they made the perilous journey across the Atlantic to Nova Scotia. Not all survived the journey. The story goes that Ullapool was founded by those who arrived too late to find a place on the departing ship, but there lies another tale waiting to be told...

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