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Sutherland Bell

Friends for many years, writer, Sarah Bell and illustrator, Nicola Sutherland are Sutherland Bell. Originally from the west country, they are now based in Henley on Thames.  

The first draft of The Green Man & the Raven's Quest was completed (via Zoom) during the first lockdown, taking inspiration from various myths and legends and their love of the natural world. With global warming, polluted seas, and tides of trash increasing, both felt the need to weave a stark, ecological warning into the fable.

As well as an artist and illustrator, Nicola is also a muralist, and her work can be regularly be seen on windows and walls in town. Sarah is currently writing a novel, as well as working on the next story for Sutherland Bell.


The Green Man & the Raven's Quest began when Sarah collaborated on a script for Acorn Music Theatre Company's production of The Green Man & Other Fables. After successful performances at White Pond Farm and Blenheim Palace, and encouraged by Gail Rosier, Acorn's creative director, Sarah set about turning her prose-poems into a full-length fable. With the recent loss of her father, the theme of attempting to hold back death, both mortal and environmental, seemed a natural one.


Realising that a fable without illustrations would be like a Siren without a song, Sarah asked Nicola to illustrate a couple of poems and the Raven's Quest took flight.


With the first stunning illustrations of the wolf, the Raven Queen, and the Green Man completed, Nicola produced an illustration she called, 'Death Waiting'. Inspired by the menace emanating from the image, Sarah wrote an accompanying poem, giving the fable a darker undertone. The illustrations kept coming, and so began the creative partnership with words inspiring illustration and illustration inspiring poetry. ​



As for our name? We're partners in vision and rhyme and we hope Sutherland Bell has a clear, gothic ring to it.

Writer or illustrator - Who is who? 

Sarah or Nicola? The tools of the trade reveal the clue.

Nicola is also a muralist - see more of her work at her website:


 Alight upon the Raven's News.



Alight upon our favourite roosts,

Bright green shoots, rising through our ancient roots,

Shops and sites and verdant spaces,

See below for the raven's places.

The Bell Book Shop

The Green Man & the Raven's Quest available to buy here

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The Green Man & the Raven's Quest available to buy here

Henley Literary Festival

Established as one of the UK's biggest book festivals

The Muralist

Murals by Nicola Sutherland
coming soon

Acorn Music Theatre Company

The award winning theatre company, home to original and diverse creativity.

TSL Books Limited


The Green Man & the Raven's Quest

available to buy here

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The Green Man & the Raven Quest available to buy here

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The Green Man & the Raven's Quest available to buy here

Claire Dyer

Author and Poet, Her latest thriller, The Significant Others of Odie May, and poetry collection, Yield, are out now.

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