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The Green Man and the Raven's Quest

Written and Illustrated by Sutherland Bell

"... if you want to get rid of the psychic detritus of modern life, this is dental floss for the mind and soul." - Irvine Welsh

Published by TSL Books 2021

Pack of eight assorted cards with envelopes, featuring the characters from

The Green Man & the Raven's Quest

Blank inside

 Sustainably printed in black, green and red.


The Green Man & the Raven's Quest

With a stark warning for the survival of our planet, this dark, rite of passage fable unfolds through a series of narrative poetry, prose and illustration.

Intent on finding the elixir of everlasting life, a girl sets out on the Raven Queen's quest to find the beast who guards the grail. The Green Man watches her journey as he laments the impending doom of nature. Will Blushed Youth banish death, or is his stride inevitable?

(Not suitable for the very young.)


A green song for our litter-laden planet. This poetic fable is for anyone who loves a dark tale of storm ravaged ravens, lascivious wolves, sly selkies and other mythical beasts.

The books are sustainably printed with the safety of the planet in mind. 

"Haunting, evocative and beautifully illustrated..."

"... if you want to get rid of the psychic detritus of modern life, this is dental floss for the mind and soul." - Irvine Welsh

Available to order HERE In both hardcover and paperback

The Raven Queen

"Black rag cloud descends, cawing, swirling,

  feathers thudding air,

Sharp beaks and eyes in oil-slick black, alert and


As from their midst, the dark queen rises."


Ailsa Craig: The lair of 'The
Beast Who Seldom Sleeps'

Ailsa Craig, a small island off the west coast of Scotland, was the inspiration for The Beast -
'Six eyes, three mouths, with razor teeth, and a wound that never heals...'
The dragon is ready to scorch the earth in the wake of man's selfish destruction of the natural world. 
The island is the only place where the green/blue granite for Olympic curling stones can be found.

"Scorched stones and bones, and grey flecked ash scatter the forsaken barren beach,
While lead-lined clouds scurry to shroud sun's weakening winter's reach,
A sly glint of sharpened razor tooth glimmers deep in dank, dark jaws, 
As silent ripple through green granite rock, 
Betrays skin, aged and fire forged..."

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